Here at Faceoff Factory we aim to educate and inform you on the best tools to make you successful at the Faceoff X. Through thousands of faceoffs using and also watching others use these heads, we try to provide you with an accurate ranking list and quality feedback on these products. Below the heads are separated into the two categories of head flex; traditional and face flex.

This ranking is currently being updated to best fit and adapt to the new NCAA SNG FO rules.


  1. STX Duel Reflex - STX Duel Reflex - Head will hold its shape and not warp allowing for elite players to stay on and play. New and Improved scoop for ground ball battles.
  2. StringKing Mark 2F – StringKing Mark 2F - Solid throat allowing the head to grip the ball when pinching making it easier to exit. Head flare and stiffer scoop reduces the head from bending or warping.
  3. StringKing Mark 2F Raw – StringKing Mark 2F Raw -Stiffer head reducing bending/warp. Better for players who do not like their heads warped and messed up.
  4. STX Duel 2 – STX Duel 2 - Stronger sidewall and plastic allowing the head to stay strong during 50/50's. Much improved scoop allowing you to dominate ground balls.
  5. ECD Weapon X – ECD Weapon X - Strong sidewall and scoop allowing the head to be more versatile than faceing off. Thick bottom rail allowing the player to get underneath opponent and rake the ball out.
  6. Under Armour Command X – UA Command X - Tough top sidewall keeping the head from bending back in 50/50's. Sidewall specific design that keeps sidewall from caving in.


  1. Nike CEO 2 – Nike CEO 2 - Shorter throat allowing player to have their hand closer to the ball. New and improved sidewall/scoop strength keeping the head from warping too much.
  2. Warrior Burn F/O – Warrior Burn F/O - Stiff throat allowing player to to get underneath their opponents. Good for quick clamps and securing position.


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