Daily Routine — Roughly 1 Hour

Faceoff Work

  1. Slow Motion Clamps, Plungers, Rakes 10x each
  2. Full Speed Clamp, Plunge, Rakes 10x each
  3. Ball High Up - Down the Line Emphasis 10x
  4. Light hands: Snap top edge down, lift left hand up and turn both knuckles down 10x
  5. Second Move: Clamp, Saw and step feet to 10 o'clock. 10x
  6. Rake Defense: Clamp, swing feet, and butt-end counter-clockwise 10x
  7. Exits: Forward to the left, Defensive exit (pivot counterclockwise), Back door (clamp and saw upfield, the open right should and turn hips), Front Door (clamp, counter-clockwise turn, pop ball forward), Rollout (keep stick closed, roll wrists, pop behind), Through the Legs. 5x EACH
  8. Quick - Down, Set, Whistle. Focus on breathing, anticipate, and do not go early.
  9. 25 Gbs: Roll out to yourself. Both hands - two-handed and one-handed. With one hand, adjust the hand position on the stick.

Stick Work

  • 100 Reps minimum (use both hands)
  • 50 Reps minimum (use both hands)

Bodyweight Workours

  • Running, Pushups, Pullups, Core (Should be done daily, even in moderation)

"Every battle was won before it was fought"


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