FOF Basics Series

Have you ever wanted to learn more about faceoffs? The Basics Series from Faceoff Factory will help with just that. It is perfect to help coaches learn more about the position as well as any player who is new to the position.

Joe Nardella leads this learning series. Nardella, a 2015 graduate from Rutgers University, is currently one of the top faceoff guys in the world. He is currently a member of the Whipsnakes LC in the PLL as well as the New England Blackwolves. Nardella has 5+ years of NCAA coaching experience to go along with his playing resume.


The Basics Series has five segments or episodes...

-An Introduction To The Faceoff Position

-Primary Moves Used In A Faceoff

-Tie Up's And How To Win The 50/50 Battle's

-How To Exit Properly From The X

-Counter Moves, Moves To Use When Getting Beat


This video series is sure to take your playing ability and understanding of the position to the next level.